STAReform - Standing Together to Advance Reform

The star is a symbol used as a badge in law enforcement agencies across the country.  Chronic injustice perpetuated by bad police officers continues to have lethal consequences and puts good police officers in harm’s way.  This issue continues to divide our country.  There is a tremendous need to reform policing to preserve life and so all communities may have faith that the star is a symbol of protection for all people.  There is a clear path to solving this issue – eliminating dangerous practices, bad officers, and the policies that protect them  

STAReform Unity Statement

America is only as strong as our will to stand against injustice,

We choose to put human life and our country above a justice system that produces and protects bad police officers,

No one should live in fear that a bad police officer will take their last breath,

Good police officers should not be put at risk for the actions of bad police officers,

We are stronger than efforts that fan the flames of division,

We will not give in to rhetoric that dehumanizes people to make it easier to harm them,

We are all human beings, it’s not us vs. them,

We will not allow dark times to blind us to the path for restoration and justice,

We will do the hard work today to stop the cycle of injustice from flaring tomorrow,

We denounce violence, looting, and property damage and will only pursue peaceful action to push for reform,

We are committed to banishing dangerous practices, bad police officers, and the policies that protect them,

It may feel like we are divided as a nation, but we can solve this together by pursuing STAReform.