Ending Racial Injustice


The NCPA is fostering civic engagement among college athletes who are using their voice to address racial injustice in college sports, on their campuses, and in policing.  College athletes understand they have a powerful platform to help reshape our colleges, communities, and our nation to ensure everyone is treated fairly and equally. 

Black athletes line the rosters of college sports teams throughout the nation, and they are celebrated for their athletic achievements during competitions.  However, NCAA rules rob college athletes of their economic value, ignore physical harm caused by negligence and abuse, and uphold systems that impede degree completion.  Black college athletes comprise a disporprtionately large percentage of the football and basketball teams that generate the vast majority of revenues and, therefore, suffer a disporportionte negative impact. 

Black athletes have also had to endure acts of racism on their campuses that go inadquately addressed.  And when not in uniform, Black athletes should not have to worry about being targetted, abused, or killed by a bad police officer because of their skin color.  College athletes are increasingly demonstrarting tremendous courage and working to be part of the solution. 

NCPA Focus Areas of Support 

  • Outreach efforts to inform college athletes about ways they can get involved
  • Providing informational resources
  • Help with strategic planning
  • Legislative assistance
  • Faciltating alliances with organizations and other stakeholders pursuing the same goals

A primary obstacle to ongoing civic engagement among college athletes is a lack of support and a high turnover rate.  The NCPA was founded in 1997, has successfully advocated for news laws, and has staying power.  The NCPA is helping to ensure that college athletes' efforts to address racial injustice is not a moment, but a sustained movement.